The Bulb Eater®

The Bulb Eater® crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100% recyclable material while capturing over 99.99% of the vapors released!  The System, which is mounted onto a 55-gallon container, can hold up to 1350 4-foot fluorescent lamps.

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Safe, fast, and efficient lamp recycling 

Bulb Eater 3

Machine Benefits

  • Cut costs: By pre-crushing the lamps, facilities are able to save on their lamp recycling costs—typically anywhere from a dime to $1 per lamp! Flexible financing options are available.

  • Eliminate storage hassles: Reduce your needed storage space for lamps by crushing up to 1,350 T8 4' lamps per 55-gallon drum!

  • Reduce handling: Handle your spent bulbs once. Save roughly 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps by crushing rather than boxing the lamps!

  • Safer work environment: The 0.001% emission rate from the Bulb Eater® provides for less mercury vapor emission. Your workers are safer and your liability is reduced!

  • Nationwide recycling program: Enjoy discounted national rates for lamp recycling. Fully permitted trucks are used for transportation and Certificates of Recycling are provided once the lamps are recycled.

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