Bulb Eater®

As a former EPA employee, I served as the project leader for the “EPA Region 3 Drum-top Crushing Study” that assessed the operational effectiveness and safety of this practice. When operated properly, we concluded that drum-top crushing devices facilitated lamp recycling and were effective in controlling mercury emissions. The study did, however, identify various issues for manufacturers and operators to consider to ensure safe and proper use. Air Cycle Corporation’s newest drum-top crushing device, the Bulb Eater® 3, represents a significant advancement for the practice of recycling and managing spent lamps. Additional features include diagnostic controls with an LCD monitor, additional filter stages, elimination of casual connections, quicker filter and drum changes, and an online Certified Training Program. These upgrades directly address the issues and concerns that were identified in the EPA Region 3 crushing study. Simply put, the new machine is designed to facilitate proper and safe use by the operator. The newBulbeater®3 with these upgraded features is an effective and safe technology that will hopefully encourage expanded recycling of mercury-containing lamps.

Tad Radzinski
President, Sustainable Solutions Corporation
Bulb Eater 3 Review by Project Leader for "EPA Region 3 Drum-top Crushing Study"

Before dealing with Air Cycle Corporation we had a huge burden with the amount of used fluorescent lamps being stored in unsafe boxes. We had to schedule time and money by boxing used lamps. Other issues included storage and scheduling to have our used waste picked up from various recyclers who wanted a lot of money for recycling. We had to schedule the pickups ourselves, no tracking was available, and we were not able to obtain verification where our lamp waste was ending up. Dealing with Air Cycle Corporation has saved us valuable time, money, and space. Air Cycle is easy to work with, opened minded to our needs, and provided different solutions unique to the property for environmental solutions and improvements within our Capex (Capital Expenditure Program). We no longer have to waste time boxing, storing, or scheduling for waste pickups. One call is made to Air Cycle, who in-turn provides us with scheduling, certificates of recycling to a properly permitted recycler, tracking, and ease of mind knowing our hazardous waste is being recycled correctly. We purchased the Bulb Eater® 3 from Air Cycle Corporation to crush our used lamps into a 55 gallon drum. Our expectations were definitely exceeded due to the quality of the construction, durability, and overall operation. The ease of transition from one drum to another when the drum is full of crushed lamps is especially beneficial. The Bulb Eater® 3 is viewed as a valued product, is accepted property-wide, and allows for many different types of fluorescent lamps to be crushed inside the sealed unit. This technology created a smaller environmental footprint at our property, and the cost of recycling a drum of crushed lamps is far less in comparison to individual boxes. It drastically reduces the amount of containers required to store used lamps. This unit ensures a safe work area and safety for the employees. The machine is well received by all on our property. It’s easy to use, hassle-free, with no issues, and gives our property a great opportunity for environmental improvements.

Robert Lang - Director of Engineering
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

We've had much success simplifying our recycling program using the Bulb Eater 3 we especially like the new features including the ability to crush our ever increasing Compact Fluorescent lamps. Great Value.

Brandon Goulet
Markley Group

We have the Bulb Eater, and we like it a lot. It’s easy to use, and it saves us space because we don’t have bulbs sitting around. It helps us legally save the environment, and I would recommend the Bulb Eater to anyone needing to recycle bulbs. The company is easy to work with, and they are prompt with picking up and delivering new barrels.

Diane Davis
Florida Certified Sign Erector

We are very pleased with the bulb eating machine. It’s very efficient, works well, and it’s convenient and easy to use. We can crush about 1,000 bulbs and put the remains in a barrel. We are very far out and away from everything and being able to not have the bulbs sitting around helps us manage storage problems because of our limited space.

Jim Simon
Gallatin Solid Waste

Air Cycle has made our business, and we owe everything to Air Cycle. We have two Bulb Eaters. We purchased the first one in 2007 or 2008, and we recently purchased the CFL. I love both machines. They work excellently and we haven’t had issues with either one of them. When parts need replacing, the Company sends them with no problems. I would recommend Air Cycle to anyone who would need to recycle.

Bill Wilson
Lamp Recycling Services

The company is prompt and courteous…The Bulb Eater is so convenient and easy to use. It’s reliable and safe, and I’ve never had any problems with glass coming back at me.

Dan Sweazy
Lippert Components, Inc.

The Bulb Eater works great, and we’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. It’s safe and clean for the workplace, and it makes it easy for us to comply with safety regulations. The company is easy to work with, and they provide good service with prompt pick-ups.

Calvin Grubbs
Davis Pickering

Excellent value for the money. The Bulb Eater® has immediately helped us reduce lamp storage and create a safer storage environment, while allowing us to add another item to our waste reduction efforts in the City of Auburn.

André Richardson
Environmental Services, Auburn, AL

An efficient, organized program. The Bulb Eater® works great and saves space, time and money. Air Cycle's website makes it very easy to keep your recycling organized, and schedule pick-ups. They have made recycling an easy process.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Miami, FL

Easy, convenient, and the best way to go. There isn't anything to dislike. Much more cost-effective than recycling uncrushed.

Jeanette Bennett
Drives LLC
Fulton, IL

Great machine!!!! Overall, we're very pleased with the performance of this machine. We wish we had purchased one sooner.

Bill Abbott
Dept. of Veterans Affairs Regional Office
Houston, TX

Love Air Cycle and my Bulb Eater®. Easiest, most economical way to recycle bulbs ever. We love it and recommend it to anyone who uses a lot of bulbs.

Melissa Sisk
Cocke County Board of Education
Newport, TN

Awesome appetite!

Paul Dean
Truck Enterprises Inc.
Harrisonburg, VA

Amazing invention. A most impressive piece of machinery. Quiet and very fast.

School District #64
Park Ridge, IL

Efficient tool. Very satisfied. The Bulb Eater® meets or exceeds our expectations and reduces storage space needs.

Brent Douglass
Mary Baldwin College
Staunton, VA

Reduces storage space needs. Much more cost effective than recycling uncrushed.  A real money and time saver.

Frank Dewalt
Jones Lang LaSalle
San Antonio, TX

The whole experience was pleasant. We had all of our questions answered, and the machine is working great.

Jen Knight
City of Green River, WY


This is a great program. Having a re-sealable pail to put the batteries in is so much better than using a box like we did with a past recycling effort. I also appreciated the reminder that it was time to send back the full pail. The automatic re-order of a new pail upon return of the old one also makes this program easy. I really appreciate the simplicity of this excellent program.

Jeff Millis
Talan Products Inc.

I have used different recycling systems in the past and this is by far the most convenient easy to manage system I have come across. Air Cycle has made my job much easier.

Justin Fitzpatrick
Sterigenics International Inc.

We participate in the EasyPak carton mail-in program, and we’ve had absolutely no problems with it. I have already recommended this process to others.

William Deegen
Warren W. Fane, Inc.

We recycle for just one school district so we use the carton system, and it works very good for us. We call and the cartons are picked up right away. We have no problems with the program whatsoever and would recommend Air Cycle.

Steven Bostrom
San Pasqual Union School Disctrict

The EasyPak™ program is outstanding – really easy to use. We just pack our waste and ship it out; it’s as simple as that!

Eric Anderson
Harvard Pilgram Health Care

Convenient and stress free! Just fill it up and send it off. No more worries about what you should do with all those fluorescent lamps!

Rick Keen
Longmont Clinic
Longmont, CO

Easy to use, great price compared to similar products.

Warren W. Fane, Inc.
Troy, NY

I am thrilled to have discovered this product to handle the proper transportation/recycling of fluorscent tubes for my customers. I order the boxes, deliver to my customers, they fill them and seal, I have them picked up and shipped from my shop back to Air Cycle and get a recycling certificate. Great value for the service. Convenient and most economical way to handle bulbs.

Yvonne McMahon
A2Z Environmental Group, LLC
Baltimore, MD

Durable, high quality, easy to fill, good tracking tool. Best we've used.

Gerald Carter
Smith Seed Services
Halsey, OR

A great service at a minimal cost!

Jennifer Norwood
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
La Jolla, CA

Slick product that saves time at the job site and back at the shop.

Paul Murphy
Energy Efficient Investments
Merrimack, NH

The lamp recycling box makes doing the right thing easy. It's affordable and simple to use. The customer service team is excellent.

West Chester, PA

SUPER SERVICE!! Loved it....will use you again for sure.

Thomas Papalia
Polymer Technology
Wilmington, MA

Excellent value for the money. Completely user-friendly.

Direct Energy
Paris, TX


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