Bulb Eater® TFM 2014 Readers' Choice Winner

Today's Facility Manager

Bulb Eater TFM 2014 Reader's Choice Award copy

Air Cycle Corporation is pleased to announce that Air Cycle and the Bulb Eater® have been selected to receive a 2014 Today’s Facility Manager (TFM) Readers’ Choice Award in the Recycling Products category.

The Bulb Eater® is a drum-top lamp crusher that safely compacts and stores up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps per drum prior to recycling, reducing labor by up to 20 hours and storage space requirements by up to 80% versus recycling intact lamps.

The Reacher's Choice awards are broken down into categories that are most important to TFM readers. The winners were determined through a survey of facility management professionals, who were asked to indicate what company in each category they rated highest in Product Aesthetics, Reliability, Value, and Customer Service.

The Bulb Eater®

The Bulb Eater®  lamp crushing system from Air Cycle is fast and easy to use. It can save up to 20 hours of lamp disposal labor per 1000 lamps, and conserves valuable storage space by compacting lamp size by up to 80% for storage prior to recycling.


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