Los Alamos BE

The Bulb Eater® Saves Thousands for Los Alamos Lab

Los Alamos National Laboratory, known for its Nobel Prize-winning scientists, work on the Manhattan Project and nanotechnology research, is increasing the use of another technology: the Bulb Eater.

The move could save the lab tens of thousands of dollars in waste disposal fees and prevent the mercury in spent fluorescent lamps from contaminating the environment, according to this article from the Los Alamos Monitor.

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Easy Green

Pre-Paid Recycling: The Easy Way to Go Green

The social mandate to Go Green may seem like one more headache for office managers responsible for creating and policing recycling programs for hazardous and other waste.

Yet tackling the complex problem now may very well avert far greater ills, such as stiff fines from regulatory agencies and a tarnished public image.

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Fluorescent Lamp Disposal Can Be Affordable and Easy

Environmental threat and EPA regulations require fluorescent lamp recycling. New methodology greatly simplifies the process and reduces expense.

Does your facility have fluorescent lights?

Because they contain mercury, spent fluorescent lamps increasingly cannot be trashed in dumpsters as a solid waste.

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Vegas Recycling

When the Lights Go Out in Las Vegas Hazardous Waste Disappears

An innovative recycling program has made one of this city’s most popular meeting places a green oasis by shipping out the toxic remains of spent light bulbs.

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) was founded to strengthen the area's convention business and eliminate a troubling economic problem: the cyclical nature of the tourism industry. But the LVCVA doesn't just market this city’s gambling and pleasure palaces.

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Recycling Headlines

Why Recycling Lamps Still Matters

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling stack

In a tough economy, facility managers wonder if fluorescent lamp recycling is worth the cost. But this article explains how throwing away lamps carries heavy financial, environmental and public relations risks that often outweigh the comparatively small fee for recycling over the long run.

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Regulations Updates

T12 Lamp Eliminated in 2012

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Regulations

In 2012, production of most T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out, following new Department of Energy regulations effective that year. This article from Today's Facility Manager offers insight on planning for the change, including regulatory information and system upgrade guidelines.

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Lighting Tips

Lamp Troubleshooting Guide

Lighting system maintenance is a top priority for many facilities managers, but the solution to a lighting problem isn't always easy to find. This lamp trouble-shooting guide makes it a little easier, with step-by-step help for diagnosing and correcting several common fluorescent and HID lamp issues.

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Company News

Bulb Eater® Is Money-Saving Product

BE MS Small Rounded

Air Cycle is proud to announce that the Bulb Eater® has been named a 2012 Money-Saving Product by Buildings Magazine. The machine joins 77 other finalists out of over 150 submissions. This is the second time the Bulb Eater has been honored with this award.

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