Why Recycle?

  1. Legal Requirements:

    Many states require lamp recycling and proper disposal of ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste by law. Make sure you are compliant with your state regulations. For official guidance and other tools and resources regarding lamp regulations and recycling, please visit the federal EPA fluorescent lamp website.

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  2. The Environment:

    Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, and ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste can contain mercury, lead, metals, and other materials which have a harmful effect on the environment if not recycled.

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  3. Recycling is Cost Effective:

    Over the lifecycle of a fluorescent lamp, the cost to recycle is less than 1% of the cost of ownership. Recycling your lamps and obtaining a certificate of recycling is also a guaranteed way to avoid fines and costly enforcement action which can easily exceed the cost of lamp recycling.

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  4. Recycling is a Green Idea:

    Implementing a lamp, ballast, battery, or electronics recycling program is a simple and practical way to "green" your organization and benefit from resulting positive PR. Recycling universal waste can earn your facility LEED points too.

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  5. You Can Make a Difference:

    Recycling your lamps and other universal waste is the right thing to do! As the saying goes "every little bit counts" and keeping hazardous waste out of our landfills and reusing natural resources is a big step towards a sustainable world.

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