Universal Waste Nationwide Recycling Network

Nationwide Recycling Network

EcoLights Northwest - Seattle, WA
EcoLights Northwest - Portland, OR
AERC Recycling Solutions - Hayward, CA
Lighting Resources, LLC - Ontario, CA
Lighting Resources, LLC - Phoenix, AZ
Veolia ES – Phoenix, AZ
Universal Recycling Technologies - Fort Worth, TX
Veolia ES – Port Washington, WI
Universal Recycling Technologies - Janesville, WI
Fluorecycle, Inc. - Ingleside, IL
Lamp Environmental Industries, Inc. - Independence, LA
Lighting Resources, LLC - Greenwood, IN
Lighting Resources, LLC - Johnson City, TN
Veolia ES - Stoughton, MA
NLR, Inc. - East Windsor, CT
AERC Recycling Solutions - Allentown, PA
AERC Solutions - Richmond, VA
Veolia ES – Tallahassee, FL
Lighting Resources, LLC - Ocala, FL
Lighting Resources LLC - Fort Worth, TX

Air Cycle has partnered with permitted recycling facilities across the United States to recycle waste from Bulb Eater® drums of crushed lamps, bulk pickups of waste, and EasyPak™ recycling containers.

All Bulb Eater® drums, palletized boxes of waste, and EasyPak™ recycling containers are shipped to one of these facilities where the material is recycled safely, responsibly, and efficiently.