Online Features at

Air Cycle is proud to offer the following online features to make your recycling experience with us even better:

  • Recycling Reports:

    Access live visual reporting based on the amount of waste recycled at your facility. Track progress, set goals, and email reports. Recycling Reports reflect all waste recycled through Bulk Pickups and EasyPak™ containers.
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  • Certificates of Recycling:

    Receive certificates of recycling for download in your inbox. Stay in compliance at all times. Certificates of recycling are available online 24/7 for all waste recycled through Bulk Pickups or EasyPak™ recycling containers.
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  • EasyPak™ Container Tracking:

    Perfect for multiple facilities, container tracking gives managers the ability to quickly determine container status.
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  • EasyPak™ Automatic Re-ordering:

    With the EasyPak™ Sustainable Program, whenever you return a full container for recycling a replacement container will automatically be shipped to you. Learn more about the EasyPak™ Sustainable Program here or see a video here.
  • Lots of Lamps?

    For companies whose scale demands a more comprehensive tool, Air Cycle offers Custom Corporate Portals. Learn more about Air Cycle's corporate recycling solutions here.

Online Features with EasyPak™ and Bulk Pickups

Access all Air Cycle online features when you recycle waste with EasyPak™ or Bulk Pickup. With Air Cycle Bulk Pickups, full drums of spent lamps crushed by the Bulb Eater® can also be tracked. Learn more » EasyPak™ | Bulk Pickups
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