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Illinois Extends E-Waste Law Standards
Waste & Recycling News

Illinois e-waste recyclingEffective for calendar year 2012, Amendments to the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act adds to the list of electronics that are required to be recycled, according to this article from Waste & Recycling News.

The law also increases the fine for violations of the law from $1,000 to $7,000, according to the article.

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Stay regulatory-compliant with Air Cycle e-waste recycling!

Air Cycle e-waste recycling A Bulk Pickup is perfect for large quantities, while an EasyPak™ Electronics Recycling Container works well for small quantities. All solutions include access to online Certificates of Recycling. Learn more » Air Cycle e-waste recycling solutions

Lighting 101: Key Principles

Efficient lighting principlesThe goals of a typical lighting system seem straightforward: the facility should be well-lit and energy efficient.

But making it happen can be a challenge. This article from FacilitiesNet provides the key principles to remember when designing a lighting system, in order to turn these goals into reality.

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