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T12 Lamp Eliminated in 2012 
Today's Facility Manager

fluorescent lamp upgrade recyclingIf your facility operates any of the millions of T12 fluorescent lamps currently in use, start planning to replace them with more efficient alternatives. In 2012, production of most T12 lamps will be phased out, following new DOE fluorescent lamp regulations effective that year. These changes, along with the elimination of many T12 magnetic ballasts this year will compel many facility mangers to upgrade their lighting, according to a recent article from Today's Facility Manager.1

The article explains how T12s are regulated and offers insight on planning for the change, from installation methods and creating an upgrade timeline, to ensuring replacement lighting quality and efficiency.

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bulb eater lamp crusher from Air CycleThe Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system from Air Cycle saves space and labor during a lighting upgrade by efficiently storing the spent bulbs before they are recycled. Click here to watch the Bulb Eater in action.

Lighting Controls: Luxury or Necessity?

facility fluorescent lighting controlsFor most facility managers, controllable lighting falls into the "good-to-have" but not "essential" category. But according to a recent article from, lighting controls are one of the most effective means of reducing facility energy consumption.

The article explains how controlled lighting can achieve energy savings of 15 to 80 percent in addition to savings obtained through a lighting system upgrade. The article also reviews lighting control strategies like astronomical time clock scheduling, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting.

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1Due to a misinterpretation of the regulations, this newsletter originally stated that in 2012, "nearly all T12 lamps will be illegal to use." However in 2012, production of most T12 lamps will be phased out, following the elimination of most T12 magnetic ballasts in 2010. For more information, please click here.

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