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Announcing Three Big Changes...

We're pleased to announce that Air Cycle has improved its look and functionality in several areas. Here's what has changed:

WebsiteNew website: has been completely redesigned. Now it is easier to see product info, sign up for recycling pickups, read customer testimonials, and much more.

VideoNew Bulb Eater video: This new video provides a fresh and updated look at the innovative lamp crushing machine and its benefits for users. Click the above link and then click "Bulb Eater Demo."

NewsletterNew monthly newsletter: You probably noticed this one already. We've updated the look and added sidebar links to some popular pages, including the free Bulb Eater case study.

P.S. - In honor of our new site, video, and newsletter design (and because we're nice people!), we're offering free shipping on EasyPak containers when you order five or more.

Alarming Bulb Recycling Stats, Hopeful Solutions

Bad StatsStatistics have recently been released that show that 71% of businesses and other organizations are not recycling their fluorescent bulbs. This means that around 372 million lamps (and the harmful mercury inside) end up in landfills every year.

This piece highlights more of these sobering stats, but also points out some bright spots. Some companies are leading the way in creating their own lamp recycling programs, and more will certainly join them when they find out the low cost of proper bulb disposal.

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