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Air Cycle September 2007 E-Newsletter

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The Easy Way to Go Green

Careful lamp disposal methods can help keep harmful mercury out of the air.

Pre-Paid Recycling Container

Electrical Products and Solutions

The social mandate to Go Green may seem like one more headache for office managers responsible for creating and policing recycling programs for hazardous and other waste.

Yet tackling the complex problem now may very well avert far greater ills, such as stiff fines from regulatory agencies and a tarnished public image.

Non-industrial companies are most at risk because often they are unaware of state, local, and federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws. These laws make it illegal to improperly dispose of such common items as spent batteries and fluorescent bulbs. In fact, due to the mercury content in fluorescent, mercury vapor and other lamps and lamp fragments, the federal EPA says recycling is the best way to dispose of these materials.

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A Look at Lighting

Upgrade fixtures and keep employees safe

Cleaning and Maintenance Management

The lighting market has evolved over the past few years as the green movement continues to encourage facilities to become sustainable.

Common trends today include reduced energy consumption, increased workplace safety, increased visual acuity, increased work productivity, and a positive return on investment.

Since energy savings is near the top of every building owner’s priority list, it is the job of the facility manager to implement fixtures that feature the latest in efficient technology.

Safety is also crucial since replacing and disposing of light fixtures can be hazardous to the maintenance crew’s health.

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Earn Free Recycling Dollars

Please forward this enewsletter to friends and colleagues that may have an interest in Air Cycle products and/or services. Have your friend mention your name and get $200 in free recycling for every $1000 they spend. Larger credits may be negiotated for corporate wide contracts.

Hotels Grapple With Meaning of Green

Marriott, Starwood Face Confusing Products, Standards In Bids to Make Lodging Environmentally Friendly

Hotel Lobby

The Wall Street Journal

As director of Element, a brand of environmentally conscious hotels being developed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts World Wide Inc., Nicholas Lakas picks his way across a landscape of so-called green products each time he steps into his office.

Among the items: salt and pepper shakers billed as 100% recyclable; piles of towels and sheets made with organically grown fibers; boxes of organic snacks; and a countertop slab made from recycled materials.

"We get so many products, so many phone calls," Mr. Lakas says. "I have nowhere to put it, and we are always looking at it and evaluating it." He is shopping for environmentally friendly products -- from plates and light bulbs to heating and air-conditioning systems -- to be used in the first hotel in the planned chain of 90.

What is Green? »

EPA Report Examines Treatment Technologies for Mercury in Soil, Waste and Water

Environmental Protection

In August, EPA released a report that contains information on the availability, performance and cost of eight technologies for the treatment of mercury in soil, waste and water.

The document, "Treatment Technologies For Mercury in Soil, Waste, and Water," describes the theory, design and operation of the technologies; provides information on commercial availability and use; and includes site-specific data on performance and cost, where available.

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