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Introducing Customizable Tools for Larger Companies and Distributors

Air Cycle is pleased to announce two unique opportunities for companies with multiples locations and potential distributors:

Corporate Portal

Custom Corporate Recycling Portal
Perfect for companies with multiple locations, the Custom Corporate Portal will allow users to create, manage, and track their corporate-wide recycling program from a centralized location.

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Distributor Portal

Custom Distributor Recycling Portal
A solution for distributors striving to provide their customers with comprehensive recycling solutions, the Custom Distributor Portal is a centralized location to sell Air Cycle products, earn commission, and track performance.

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University Eliminates Fluorescent Problem and Saves Money With the Bulb Eater
LEED Building Maintenance

Bulb EaterThis interesting piece from the LEED Building Maintenance website discusses the fluorescent disposal problem and how Colorado State University is using the Bulb Eater to solve it. This article also highlights the cost savings that the university experienced by switching from bulk pickups for their intact lamps to the Bulb Eater.

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Frightening Halloween Recycling Facts

Just in time for Oct. 31, here is a blog post highlighting some Halloween-related recycling facts. Here's a preview: did you know 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins were produced last year, and that there are ways to recycle your pumpkins after you use them?

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