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Surprising Lamp Facts: Fluorescent Bulbs' Unexpected Mercury Advantage 
Science News

CFL with Incandescent BulbsFluorescent lighting uses less energy than comparably bright incandescent bulbs do. So switching to fluorescents will shave your energy bill. The big surprise: relying on fluorescent lights may also cut how much mercury — a toxic metallic element — is released into the environment each year. 

Air Cycle can help your facility come full circle in staying environmentally friendly with fluorescent lamps.  Keep the mercury in each lamp out of the environment with Air Cycle recycling solutions.

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Green Lodging Practices Save Money, Keep Environment Clean

Change CFLWhen a traditional light bulb burns out at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cleveland, a more efficient compact fluorescent option takes its place. With 475 rooms -- each with a desk, corner and bedside lamp -- at least 1,900 bulbs will be replaced once the turnover is complete.

Hoteliers across the country are thinking of ways to green the hospitality industry as more chains adopt progressive philosophies, and guests care more about the impact of their visits.  Air Cycle has been on the forefront of this movement, providing lodging companies like Marriott with universal waste recycling solutions to make their operations greener. 

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Break a Bulb? EPA Safety Tips Can Keep You and Your Workplace Safe
Energy Star

Sweeping GlassWhile it rarely happens and it may not seem like a big deal, broken fluorescent lamps can be serious business. The small amount of mercury contained in each fluorescent lamp can be hazardous to anyone who breathes in the vapors of the toxin.  While recycling your lamps keeps mercury out of the environment, accidents do happen, and if you break a lamp you should follow the EPA cleanup guidelines to maximize safety and environmental sustainability.

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