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Air Cycle October 2005 E-Newsletter

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Bulb Eater® Customers Speak Out In New CFM Article

Campus Facility Maintenance magazine recently ran an article discussing lamp recycling issues. Not only was the article a good summary of the general issues, but it also specifically discussed how lamp crushing can fit into a facility's lamp recycling progam. We urge you to take a few minutes to read the article to learn more about this concept.   Read Full Article »

Quotes from article:

"The system we use meets all federal, state and local regulations. Crushing significantly decreases the amount of our waste and eliminates our storage problems. It also reduces the amount of labor necessary to dispose of our bulbs and cuts our disposal costs." states Keith Irvine, Electrical Supervisor at Washington & Lee University.

"Crushing your spent lamps makes recycling a lot easier and more economical, and the return on your investment is quite fast. Time and labor costs related to handling spent bulbs is substantially reduced." says Mark Rackley, Electrician at Rollins College.

Transwestern Commercial Services Commits to Recycle Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Waste through Air Cycle Distributor Esquire Environmental

Virginia DEQ Press Release

Transwestern Commercial Services is one of the region's largest property management firms with over 13 million square feet of office space in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Transwestern has voluntarily committed to recycle its mercury-containing lamps, ballasts and batteries as an opportunity to do its part to protect the environment. Transwestern's goal of 100% lamp recycling in its Mid-Atlantic Region has the potential to prevent between 175,000 and 220,000 fluorescent lamps from reaching local landfills each year.

"Although we just recently launched the program, two of our properties in Philadelphia alone have recycled a combined 1,000 pounds of fluorescent lamps," claimed Gary Le Francois, Transwestern Vice President and Director of Engineering. "In addition, we've just begun a new program - making each of our properties responsible for retrieving all Lamps, Ballasts and Batteries from all contractors that perform work at the property. That includes light retrofit projects, tenant improvement work, etc. We believe this new program removes any doubt that these potentially hazardous materials will be handled properly at Transwestern properties."

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Lighting's Impact on Human Health Studied

"New discoveries about lighting and human health--its impact on breast cancer and Alzheimer's, for example--make us predict that the way we light our offices, homes, and factories will be subject to massive change", says John P. Bachner, communications director of the National Lighting Bureau, a not-for-profit information resource funded by private industry, professional societies, trade associations, and agencies of the federal government.

"Up to now, lighting has been designed almost exclusively to support visual needs," he says. "A growing body of research tells us that lighting can do far more than help us see, however. As we learn more, new lighting system components will be created not only to enhance our visual performance, but to help prevent disease as well."

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Air Cycle offers Discounts on EasyPak™ Containers

The EasyPak™ Recycling Program is offered for our many customers who generate spent lamps, batteries and/or ballasts and cannot meet our quantity minimums for bulk pick-ups. Small shipments are instead shipped through pre-paid FedEx Ground transportation services. The program is simple, requires little paperwork, and is a practical option for facilities nationwide.

When you need to dispose of lamps, ballasts, and batteries, simply order EasyPak™ containers. EasyPak™ containers make it easy to recycle and comply with today’s changing regulations. One price includes everything you need, the container, shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees, and certificate of recycling.

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