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Waste Audit Webinar Now Available On-Demand
American School & Hospital Facility

Waste audit webinarThe recent Air Cycle Corporation-sponsored webinar from American School & Hospital Facility, "Waste Stream Auditing: The Science of What's In Your Trash," is now available to view on-demand and download!

Featuring Tom Griffin, director of Greener Results environmental consulting, the free, 45-minute webinar, covers how a waste stream audit can help an organization measure current green practices and guide improvements in sustainability.

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Implement your Bulb Eater® lamp recycling program!

The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is the most efficient way to safely recycle spent fluorescent lamps. Using the Bulb Eater, many facilities cut lamp recycling costs by 50%.

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T12 Lamp Phase-Out: Managing the Change
Main Line Media News
T12 eliminated
With the upcoming phase-out of many popular T12 lamp variants just months away, many facility managers face a dilemma about how to handle the change.
This article from Main Line Media News covers several possible approaches to dealing with the shift, and highlights the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits (including a reduction in lighting electricity costs of between 25 and 40 percent) that facility managers can expect from upgrading to a more efficient lighting system.
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