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Air Cycle November 2005 E-Newsletter

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EPA Discusses Lamp Crushing In Recent Recycling Article

Building Operating Management Magazine - By Laura Bayard

Recycling used lamps, experts say, is the best way to keep mercury in fluorescent lamps out of the environment.

"Crushing is extremely convenient. It can enhance recycling."

Hugh Davis, Chief of the Waste Treatment Branch in the EPA Office of Solid Waste

As far as the environment is concerned, fluorescent lamps are a good-news, bad-news story. The lights save an enormous amount of energy compared to incandescent and certain other lamp technologies, reducing harmful emissions and reducing facility operating costs. But at the end of their lives, the lamps can have a serious but often overlooked impact on the environment: the release of mercury into the environment each time one of the fragile lamps breaks.

The mercury in lamps is invisible and volatile. But airborne mercury is deposited on land and in the water. A toxic form of the metal known as methylmercury can accumulate in fish and shellfish. At very high levels, mercury exposure can damage the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune system. At lower levels of exposure - levels that can be produced by eating fish and shellfish - mercury can impair development in fetuses, babies and children.

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Air Cycle Launches New Website

The webiste offers EasyPak™ Recycling Containers for Lamps, Batteries and Ballasts. The EasyPak™ program is simple, requires little paperwork, and is a practical option for facilities nationwide. New webiste offers easy and efficient way to purchase and manage EasyPak™ recycling containers. Visit today and receive instant 10% discount if you buy 5 or more containers.

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Nationwide Recycling New Premium Bulb Eater®

We understand that in many cases printed literature can be helpful in presenting our program to others. Air Cycle has created new brochure that offers detailed information about features of Premium Bulb Eater® and benefits of lamp crushing.

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Energy Policy Act of 2005 Sets New Ballast Efficiency Standards

While new fluorescent ballast efficiency rules went into effect earlier this year, another batch of rules have just been passed that will affect lighting systems starting in 2009. This time, the efficacy standards have been set high enough that the vast majority of magnetic ballasts—including ballasts operating energy-saving T12 lamps—will no longer comply.

In September 2000, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published the Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Energy Conservation Standards (10 CFR, Part 430), which established new minimum ballast efficacy factor (BEF) standards that would go into effect starting in 2005. Ballasts that did not pass the standards would be phased out of production and sale in the United States.

Prior to 2005, many believed that this would spell the end of magnetic ballasts. However, it was determined that while magnetic ballasts that operated F40T12, F96T12 and F96T12HO lamps failed the new BEF standards, ballasts designed to operate energy-saving versions of these lamps were not covered by the regulation.

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