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Did you know that in typical commercial buildings, occupants are responsible for 50-75% of energy consumed through their use of lighting, equipment, and HVAC? Here to help are some strategies for reducing the environmental impact of building occupants that will help an organization satisfy its sustainability goals.

This FMLink article, adapted from BOMi International's course High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles, part of the new High-Performance Program, covers the critical no- and low-cost sustainable initiatives that every building professional can start implementing now.

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Bulb Eater 3

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For facilities over 200,000 sq. ft or that generate over 100 spent lamps per month, the Bulb Eater® will save you time and money! The Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology® crushes linear, CFL, and u-tube fluorescent lamps while capturing 99.99% of mercury vapors released. Reduce labor by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps and storage space by up to 80%. Learn more »

Air Cycle Truck

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For facilities over 150,000 sq. ft that generate large quantities of intact or crushed lamps, ballasts, batteries, electronics, or other waste, Bulk Pickup Recycling Services lowers recycling costs with no upfront investment. Users schedule Bulk Pickups according to their facility's needs.

Easy Pak

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For facilities that generate smaller amounts of intact lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste, EasyPak™ Recycling Containers are the safe and easy way to recycle. One price includes everything you need; the UN Certified recycling containers, shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees, and certificates of recycling. 

"Air Cycle is very informative about services that are available, and I'm very pleased with the good service they provide. I would recommend to anyone 100%."
Mike Martino - Adeeco
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Meet Air Cycle at "ReThink. ReDefine."
Illinois Sustainability and Resource Management Conference & Tradeshow

Come see Air Cycle, live and in-person, at the Illinois Sustainability and Resource Management Conference & Tradeshow June 3-4!. The Illinois Recycling Association (IRA) and the Illinois Chapter of the Solid Waste Association (SWANA-IL) welcome you to "ReThink. ReDefine." The Conference & Tradeshow is an opportunity for the two leading statewide organizations to share their respective strengths and knowledge in a single event. Meet Air Cycle's Ken Campbell and Tim Racke at Booth #43 (View Floor Plan), see product demonstrations, and learn which green program is best for your facility.

"ReThink. ReDefine." Illinois Sustainability and Resource Management Conference & Tradeshow
June 3-4
Tinley Park Convention Center, Tinley Park, IL
Find Air Cycle at Booth #43

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Facts for FAQs 

Q.  How long does it take the Bulb Eater® to crush lamps?

A.  It takes roughly one second to crush a 4' fluorescent lamp and a fraction of a second longer for 8' lamps!
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