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Announcing the Air Cycle Blog!
In order to provide more up-to-date information, Air Cycle has launched a new corporate blog.  Posts on this blog will be designed to educate and entertain, and you can enter into the conversation by posting your own comments for everyone else to see.

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Prevent 17 Common Lighting Mistakes

Energy-efficient lighting offers an extraordinary chance to cut operating costs and improve lighting quality. However, costly mistakes can be made. Some of the most inherent dangers in lighting projects are outlined here. If you follow the guidelines here and avoid these 17 slip-ups, you’ll be pleased with your lighting.

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DOT Update on Packaging Batteries for Recycling
DOT logoIn order to promote safety and compliance awareness, the US Dept. of Transportation recently released new guidelines for battery recycling and transportation. According to the DOT, action must be taken by waste generators to insure that batteries are packaged for recycling so that batteries will not short circuit and potentially endanger people in the area. Several suggestions have been outlined by the DOT to make recycling safer. 

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