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Air Cycle May 2006 E-Newsletter

Continuing our efforts to better communicate new products, services, industry news, and regulatory updates, Air Cycle provides the following E-Newsletter.

EasyPak™ Testimonials

Air Cycle is proud to have already sold thousands of EasyPak™ recycling containers to facilities across United States. We have worked with both small and large companies, schools, hospitals, military bases, and government buildings. Here is a sampling of what our customers have told us recently:

"The EasyPak recycling program is working out well for us - we have a new building so we do not generate that much waste. We placed the recycling containers in different places around the building – it’s convenient."
Dan Griffin
Northrop Grumman


"This EasyPak program is outstanding – really easy to use. We just pack our waste and ship it out; it’s as simple as that!Eric Anderson
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

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We Want YOUR Feedback!

Air Cycle Corporation is committed to using feedback from our clients or prospective clients to maintain and improve our products and services. Whether you own a Bulb Eater® system, use our EasyPak™ containers, or prefer our bulk recycling pickup service, we want to hear from you. Hopefully, you're happy and will let us know that, but we also want to know where we can improve to better meet your needs. Your satisfaction is ultimately our success!

Let us know your 3 biggest challenges when dealing with your spent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics and we'll commit to helping you overcome those challenges!

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EasyPak Distributors WANTED!

Any electrical distributor who sells energy-efficient lighting for buildings can assist facility managers with their lamp recycling. Electrical distributors are uniquely positioned to offer their customers a convenient one-stop shopping arrangement for lamp purchasing and spent lamp management. Our EasyPak™ Recycling Program creates an opportunity for distributors to make a profit by offering recycling services to their customers. The program can also be offered as a value-added service for better customer relations.

"Offering a recycling option to customers can be a good 'value-add' service for distributors," TED Magazine, July 2002. Greg Smith of Granite City Electric further adds that "the real benefit of our recycling program is receiving orders for lamps that we wouldn't have if we didn't recycle."

This opportunity is not limited to electrical distributors only. Any company already selling to facilities management personnel will benefit from offering the EasyPak program to their clients.

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Next Compliance Headache: Toxics

IDG News Service -

Besides a written policy, CIOs should perform due diligence on third-party disposal vendors to ensure they can certify what happens to equipment once hauled away.

Proper disposal of computer equipment may be the right thing to do, but increasingly, it is also a legal requirement.

A California law that took effect in February makes it illegal for households and small businesses to toss out "universal waste," which includes cathode ray tubes, products that contain mercury, batteries and other toxic substances included in electronics. The prohibition was already in place for enterprises, but the law's extension is one of the electronic-waste regulations grabbing attention this year.

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Trammell Crow Shares Lamp Recycling Case Study

With over 500 million square feet under management, the Trammell Crow Company is one of the leading property and facility management companies in the world. They constantly raise the bar to develop and share best practices and cost-saving initiatives that create value for owners and occupants. Below is a recent case study on lamp recycling that Trammell Crow created as part of the evaluation process for their various facilities and is intended to help others understand and evaluate available lamp recycling options.

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Maine's Hot For Recycling

Mercury thermostat manufacturers must take responsibility for recycling their products under a new Maine law.

Maine is the first state to require manufacturers to provide a financial incentive to recycle commercial and residential building thermostats that contain mercury and require everyone to recycle the devices. The law also mandates all manufacturers that sold the devices in the state to participate in a mercury thermostat recycling program.

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Mercury Spotlight

State gives warning about mercury in fish

As a brilliant sun smiled on the Carolina Beach City Marina on Thursday evening, Caleb Batson scowled while stretching a tarp atop his 40-foot cruiser.

He had just been told North Carolina issued mercury warnings for 22 species of fish.

"They don't warn you about eating beef or chicken with steroids that can't even stand up when they grow them, but they'll warn you about something wild caught that lives on its own and grows at a normal rate," Batson said, reflecting views of other charter captains whose living comes from the lure of the sea.

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