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Harford County Government Recycles Fluorescent Tubes

by WasteWatch

Harford County has initiated a program to recycle all of the burned-out fluorescent light tubes collected from county buildings. Fluorescent tubes contain a tiny ball of mercury, about 40 milligrams, that turns into a vapor during use.

The recycling program will keep this highly toxic element out of the environment by using a special recycling device called a Bulb Eater.

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by Today's Facility Manager

By diverting waste from landfills, facility managers can help the environment and move toward sustainability.

A recycling program is one way facility managers can contribute to the reduction of the mercury released into the environment. And a critical mass in the number of U.S. states requiring removal of most mercury containing lamps from the commercial waste stream may soon be reached.

On July 12, 2005, New York State will join the ranks of seven other states that require all commercial facilities to recycle mercury containing lamps, whether or not the lamps are designated as hazardous waste. The other states that require commercial facilities to recycle these lamps are Minnesota, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, and Florida. In New York, households and very small generators of lamp waste are exempt from the new rule.

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High/Low-Bay Applications: Fluorescent or Metal Halide?

By Craig DiLouie, Lighting Controls Association

Indoor spaces with high ceilings, such as factories, warehouses, big box retail stores, gymnasiums and all-purpose rooms are most often lighted by high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems.

Recently, manufacturers have begun offering specialized T8 and T5HO fluorescent fixtures as an alternative for high-ceiling applications. These fixtures provide distinct advantages versus HID fixtures. Traditionally, fluorescent lighting has dominated the <15 ft. ceiling height niche, but new technology has enabled it to be competitive with HID in higher ceiling heights, even over 25 ft.

Manufacturers offer new fluorescent fixtures that can be substituted for HID for relighting/upgrade as well as renovation and new construction projects. The market potential is significant. However, relighting projects typically require installation of new fixtures, which can inflate payback periods and reduce return on investment.

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