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What to Do With All Those Old PCs
Air Cycle Corporation

What to Do With All Those Old PCsAccording to Moore's law, computer performance doubles about every 18 months. And if your facility is like many, the result of keeping up with the pace of innovation is a backlog of outdated computers sitting around collecting dust.

But when it's time for spring cleaning, don't throw out those old PCs! They likely contain hazardous materials like mercury, lead and cadmium, and need to be recycled. This video from Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at the current state of electronic waste recycling, and what you need to know about getting rid of old equipment.

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Need to recycle lots of e-waste? Try a bulk pickup!

Bulk Pickup Recycling Services A bulk pickup is the most efficient way to recycle large amounts of e-waste, along with spent lamps, ballasts, and batteries. Air Cycle bulk pickups include online recycling reports and certificates, to easily track your recycling efforts.

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We Did It! 3 Million Acres of H2O Kept Pure
Air Cycle Corporation
3 Million Acres of Water Kept Pure
Air Cycle Corporation is pleased to announce that as of March, 2013 our customers have kept over 3 million acres of water free from mercury contamination through their waste recycling efforts with us. Thank you to our customers for doing your part to protect our environment!

We are proud to have reached this milestone through partnership with commercial and institutional facilities across the country, and look forward to continued partnership in the march toward 4 million acres kept pure!

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Facts for FAQs

Q.  How many EasyPak™ containers should I order?

A.  It depends on the amount of waste you generate. It usually helps to order one more container than you need, so that you'll always have one on-site while the other is being shipped back. Signing up for the EasyPak™ Sustainable Program, which automatically generates a new order after the original container has been processed, can also help ensure a container is always available.
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