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Why Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Still Matters
Today's Facility Manager
Why lamp recycling still matters
In a tough economy, many facility managers wonder if fluorescent lamp recycling is worth the cost.

But this article from Today's Facility Manager explains how throwing away lamps carries heavy financial, environmental and public relations risks that often outweigh the comparatively small fee for recycling over the long run.

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Bulb EaterĀ® The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is the most efficient way to safely recycle spent fluorescent lamps. Using the Bulb Eater, many facilities cut lamp recycling costs by 50%. Click here to learn more or request pricing.

Bulb Eater® Saves Thousands for Los Alamos Lab
Los Alamos Monitor

Los Alamos Bulb EaterĀ®Los Alamos National Laboratory, known for its Nobel Prize-winning scientists, work on the Manhattan Project and nanotechnology research, is increasing the use of another technology: the Bulb Eater.

The move could save the lab tens of thousands of dollars in waste disposal fees and prevent the mercury in spent fluorescent lamps from contaminating the environment, according to this article from the Los Alamos Monitor.

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