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Recycling Roundtable: Three FMs Weigh In
Maintenance Solutions

Recycling converasationOften, the best source of insight into a topic comes from those who experience it firsthand.

This article from Maintenance Solutions brings together three facility managers from across the country to discuss their real-world experience with goal-setting, cost considerations, and the challenges of starting and running a recycling program.

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Implement your Bulb Eater® lamp recycling program!

Bulb Eater The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is the most efficient way to safely recycle spent fluorescent lamps, saving up to 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps and 80% in storage space versus intact lamps.

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Bulb Eater® Saves Big Money for NVC
La reVista

Bulb Eater 2Northwest Vista College (NVC) is one of the newest facilities for a Bulb Eater to call home.

This article from La reVista describes how, after arriving, the machine got right to work by saving the facility $820 in lamp recycling shipping costs according to Juan Aleman, Senior Maintenance Mechanic at NVC.

The Bulb Eater should save the facility thousands more in the future, while helping to save the environment at the same time, Juan said.

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New EasyPak™ Box Streamlines Recycling Process
Air Cycle Corporation

What would make mail-back lamp recycling even easier? How about eliminating that annoying bag from the packaging?

Air Cycle's upcoming new EasyPak® product does just that, speeding the loading process and minimizing outside breakage, while meeting the highest standards of mercury containment using a specially-treated box!
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