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Air Cycle Corp. WebinarThe recent Air Cycle webinar, "Lamp Recycling: Selecting and Implementing the Most Efficient Solution" is now available on-demand!

View or download the free webinar at, and visit Air Cycle resources for more on how to efficiently recycle spent fluorescent lamps.

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Implement your lamp recycling program with Air Cycle!

EasyPak prepaid containers make lamp recycling fast and simple for small facilities, while the Bulb Eater® lamp crusher or Bulk Pickups increase recycling efficiency for large facilities.

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3 Reasons to Recycle Spent Lamps

Recycle spent lamps with Air CycleWhat do 19th-century hat-makers and today's facility managers have in common? The answer is that both have reason to take precaution against mercury exposure, according to this article from FacilitiesNet.

For facility managers, that means recycling their spent mercury-containing fluorescent lamps.

But workplace mercury hazard isn't the only reason to recycle. The article covers the recycling regulations and environmental risks that also make recycling a good idea.

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