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Spot vs. Group Relamping: A Cost Comparison

Reliant Energy

spot and group relamping graphThe time to relamp arrives sooner or later at every facility. But is it better to replace each individual lamp as it burns out, or to replace all lamps in a lighting system at one time?

Reliant Energy crunches data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in this informative article comparing the costs of the spot and group relamping methods. The article also explains how to make the most of relamping by maximizing light quality and logistical efficiency.

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Relamping + the Bulb Eater = Success

school facilityWhen Richardson Independent School District began relamping 90,000 fluorescent bulbs across the district, the maintenance department turned to the Bulb Eater® to crush and store the old lamps prior to recycling.

Why? Because the Bulb Eater allows lamps to be easily crushed and stored in a space-saving and environmentally safe way, so facilities can feel secure about how their bulbs are packaged before recycling.

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