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Hospital Reduces Bulb Recycling Costs by 50% With the Bulb Eater

Hospital Bulb EaterHospitals and medical facilities all over the country are using the Bulb Eater to dispose of their fluorescent lamps. Here's a brief look at Swedish Covenant Hospital, one more facility that is reaping the financial and environmental benefits of crushing their lamps with a Bulb Eater. 


Blog Feature: Cruise Ship Bulb Recycling and Lamp Disposal for the Lazy

Cruise ShipCheck out the Air Cycle blog for some neat tidbits about the Bulb Eater finding its way onto a cruise ship, as well as a new TV show about "going green" the lazy way.

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States, EPA Enforce Fluorescent Recycling Laws

EPAWhile laws concerning lamp recycling have been on the books for some time, some states are cracking down on violators that don't recycle their bulbs. The EPA has penalized groups such as CBS and General Services Administration in recent months.  

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