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Air Cycle June 2008 E-Newsletter

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Bulb Eater Awarded ‘Top 100 Product' for 2008

$100 OffEven after 10 years in production and with over 4,000 units sold, the Bulb Eater is still the best way to crush and dispose of lamps cheaply, efficiently, and quickly.

In honor of the Top 100 Products award, Air Cycle is offering a $100 discount on any Bulb Eater purchased online through July 1,                               2008.

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Fluorescent Lamps 101

Recycling BulbsSmart business owners today agree that fluorescent lamps are the most convenient and cost-effective way to light their workplaces. Because they consume 25-35% less energy and last around ten times as long as old incandescent bulbs, fluorescents are simply the logical choice for lighting anything from corporate offices to warehouses. In addition, they are an excellent way for companies to downsize their carbon footprint and communicate a “green” image to their customers.

So what’s the catch? In every fluorescent lamp there is a small amount of mercury that, if a bulb is disposed of improperly, can leak out and hurt the environment and pose a danger to humans. This is why lamp recycling is essential for any business interested in maintaining a safe and clean environment, as well as staying in line with all federal and state regulations.

Explore the benefits and hazards of fluorescent bulbs »

Taking “Green” Global with Air Cycle DistributorsGlobal Recycling

For the past decade, Air Cycle Corp. has been on the forefront of providing quality recycling solutions to businesses all over North America. In an effort to take “green” solutions to an international scale, Air Cycle is pleased to announce partnerships with distributors around the world.

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The End of the Light Bulb As We Know It

US News & World Report

incandescent cfl bulbThe incandescent light bulb, one of the most venerable inventions of its era but deemed too inefficient for our own, will be phased off the U.S. market beginning in 2012 under the new energy law just approved by Congress. Although this will reduce electricity costs and minimize new bulb purchases in every household in America,you may be feeling in the dark about the loss of your old, relatively reliable source of light. Here's a primer on the light bulb phase-out and what will mean to you.

Why are they taking my light bulbs away? Moving to more efficient lighting is one of the lowest-cost ways for the nation to reduce electricity use and greenhouse gases. In fact, it actually will save households money because of lower utility bills. Ninety percent of the energy that an incandescent light bulb burns is wasted as heat.

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