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Colorado Bans E-Waste From Landfills
Pueblo Chieftain

No E-Waste in COJust in time for the observance of Earth Day this year, Colorado's governor John Hickenlooper signed a new e-waste bill into law.

According to this article in the Pueblo Chieftain, the new law bans the disposal of electronic waste in landfills, and requires the state of Colorado to recycle its e-waste.

Colorado is the latest of several states to implement new e-waste disposal laws designed to keep the hazardous materials that electronics can contain out of the environment.

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The Bulb EaterĀ® The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is the most efficient way to safely recycle spent fluorescent lamps, saving up to 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps and 80% in storage space versus intact lamp recycling.

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Bulb Eater® Named 2012 Money-Saving Product
Buildings Magazine

Bulb Eater Money-Saving AwardOver the years the Bulb Eater has won numerous awards and been recognized in many industry publications. Air Cycle is proud to announce that the Bulb Eater was most recently named a Buildings Money-Saving Product for 2012!

The machine was chosen as one of 77 finalists out of over 150 submissions. The Bulb Eater can save facility managers money by greatly reducing the labor and space required to recycle fluorescent lamps.

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Facts for FAQsFacts for FAQs Logo

This month, we're introducing a fun, helpful new feature of the eNewsletter: Facts for FAQs.

Each month, we'll include an answer (a "fact") to a question that gets asked a lot about Air Cycle products, recycling, or regulations in the hope of keeping our readers informed and knowledgeable about these topics.

Q. Why can't I just throw my fluorescent lamps in the trash?

A. Lamps contain mercury and are in most cases considered hazardous. Because trashing lamps can cause harm to the environment and pose a health risk to facility workers, most states do not allow hazardous lamps to be disposed of in solid waste landfills.

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