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Fluorescent and HID Lamp Troubleshooting Guide

changing bulbLighting system maintenance is a top priority for many facilities managers. But when something goes wrong in a fluorescent or HID lighting system, identifying the problem can be a challenge.

This lamp troubleshooting guide from Canlyte provides step-by-step help for diagnosing and correcting several common fluorescent and HID lamp issues. Topics covered include slow lamp startup, excessive noise, lamp cycling, and interference. The guide also explains how to determine if a malfunctioning lamp is repairable, or should be recycled.

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Fluorescent Lamp Recycling: What Are the Options?

used bulbsFluorescent lamps are well-known for their long life and energy-efficiency. But after finally burning out, the spent lamps still contain mercury, making them environmentally damaging, and illegal in many states, to simply throw away.

This article from reviews the regulatory and environmental considerations of fluorescent lamp disposal. It also explains the recycling options available to facilities managers, including pick-up services, pre-paid recycling containers, and lamp crushing.

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To find out which Air Cycle recycling option is right for you, click here or check out the environmental regulations that govern your state.
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