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City of Vernon Lights the Way With the Bulb Eater
The Vernon Morning Star

Vernon Bulb EaterThe Bulb Eater isn't just for businesses: entire towns are starting to reap the environmental benefits of lamp crushing. This recent article from the Vernon Morning Star highlights the purchase of a Bulb Eater by the city of Vernon, B.C. The town decided to stop throwing fluorescent bulbs into the landfill and turned to the Bulb Eater to help their community go green.  

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DOT Regulation Revamp: Battery Packaging Rules Change 

DOT logoSeveral weeks ago the U.S. Department of Transportation released new regulations regarding the transport of batteries for recycling. The regulations stated that in order to prevent short circuiting during transport, all batteries must be isolated from one another with tape or by placing each battery in a plastic bag. But the DOT has amended their rules to exclude all alkaline 1.5 volt batteries such as AA, AAA, C, and D types. Taping terminals or bagging batteries individually is no longer necessary for batteries that fall under the alkaline 1.5 volt categorization. However, if non-alkalines are going to be mixed with alkalines in your recycling containers, the DOT requires that you insulate all the batteries from one another.

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Innovative Bulb Recycling Plan "Brewing" at National Tea Retailer

Teavana logoLooks like tea isn’t the only thing that’s green. As part of its commitment to recycle its fluorescent bulbs, national tea retailer Teavana has chosen to partner with Air Cycle Corp. By utilizing Air Cycle’s EasyPak prepaid recycling containers, each of Teavana’s stores now has an easy way to properly dispose of its fluorescents, insuring that no harm comes to the environment from mercury leakage into landfills.

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