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Energy Conservation and Cost Saving Ideas With Fluorescent Lamps

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cfl moneyFluorescent lamps can save your facility money by significantly cutting down on energy costs. Saving energy in this way is also great for the environment. However, many are unaware of the health and environmental hazards of fluorescent bulbs. Educate yourself on available opportunities that can save you money and keep the environment sustainable.

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site searchFrom the convenience of pre-paid EasyPak™ recycling containers to the cost-effectiveness of bulk waste pickups and the lamp crushing power of their flagship product, the Bulb Eater™, Air Cycle is always finding ways to meet clients’ diverse waste disposal needs. To complement its line of recycling solutions, Air Cycle is pleased to offer unique usability tools that enhance the consumer and customer service experience.

Not sure exactly where to find specific information on Looking for a way to navigate the site according to your own businesses’ needs and requirements? Site search can help you do this and more. Just type in any word or phrase in the search box present on every page of and scroll through the results- if what you are looking for is anywhere on the site, it will show up here. Use this tool to search over 300 pages of articles, Air Cycle news, product features, government regulations and more to help you find information about making smart recycling decisions.

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New Breed of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Looks Better, Still Saves Energy

cfl grassSwitching to efficient bulbs saves energy, but it also can create a design challenge. Swirly compact fluorescents stick out visually, don't work with traditional clip-on shades and can cast different colors of light than their incandescent counterparts.Manufacturers are aiming to solve these issues with new products that address the aesthetics of CFLs. Improvements include the shape of the bulb, light color, and the way the bulbs fit into traditional fixtures.

Nevertheless, these bulbs still need to be recycled because of the dangerous contaminant mercury that is inside them. Air Cycle's EasyPak recycling containers are the perfect solution for anyone that needs to safely dispose of CFLs.

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8 Ways to "Green" Your Office

computer leafEvery business can take small steps to help the environment. Whether your business has 4 0r 4,000 employees, almost every aspect of the workplace can be "greened" to reduce waste, cut down carbon emissions, and even save money!Keep in mind that an easy way to do all of these is to switch from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs for your lighting needs.Once you have made the switch, consider Air Cycle lamp recycling solutions when looking for a way to properly dispose of your lamp waste.

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