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Introducing...The Bulb Eater 3!
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Bulb Eater 3As we ring in the new year, we're proud to announce the next generation of our award winning Bulb Eater® lamp crushing machine. The Bulb Eater 3® with Intelli Technology safely crushes and stores straight linear lamps of any length, CFL, and u-tube lamps in a single machine!

Intelli Technology onboard controls feature multiple sensing points for machine diagnostics and maintenance, and an LCD control panel for easy operating.


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Need to recycle lots of intact or crushed lamps, ballasts, batteries, or electronic waste? Try a Bulk Pickup!

Bulb Eater For larger facilities (over 150,000 square feet), bulk pickups can provide a cost effective solution. Get the best prices and service by utilizing our nationwide network.

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How It's Made: Fluorescent Tubes!
How It's Made Videos - Discovery Channel
Have you ever wondered how fluorescent lighting is made? The process dates back to 1909 when George Claude invented the first fluorescent tube.
Watch this video to learn the detailed and complex process used to create the fluorescent tubes we use today.

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