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Crushing spent fluorescent lamps at a facility prior to shipment for processing can be a highly efficient method of recycling them. A new whitepaper from Air Cycle Corporation explains how--with the Bulb Eater®--it can also be a very safe method.

The whitepaper covers Bulb Eater® operations, testing, and transport of crushed lamps, and reviews why recycling lamps to keep mercury out of the environment is so important in the first place.

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Implement your Bulb Eater® lamp recycling program!

The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is the most efficient way to safely recycle spent fluorescent lamps. Using the Bulb Eater, many facilities cut lamp recycling costs by 50%.

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Successful Recycling: A Three-Step Approach

Starting a Recycling ProgramA recycling program can do a lot for a facility, like bolster the company's "green" image, improve facility safety, and ensure compliance with recycling regulations to minimize the risk of fines.

This article from FacilitiesNet breaks down the implementation of a successful recycling program into three steps: establishing program objectives, conducting a waste audit, and viewing waste as commodity instead of garbage.

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