News Channel Profiles The Bulb Eater at the University of Arkansas

Bulb Eater video
In April 2009 we ran an article about the use of the Bulb Eater by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In the article we discussed how crushing lamps with the machine was saving the university $20,000 per year and valuable time and space.

We recently came across a video feature produced by news channel KTHV 11 that details how and why the university is using the Bulb Eater. It's a great look from an outside source at lamp crushing and the positive impact of the Bulb Eater on a facility.

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An Inside Look at Our Battery Recycling Process

= BatteriesEver wondered what the recycling process looks like for batteries disposed of via EasyPak or bulk recycling pickups? Look no further than this helpful feature that charts out and explains exactly what happens with your batteries once you fill your containers and ship them off.

If you have any more questions about what happens to your batteries when you recycle them with Air Cycle please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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