EPA Updates CFL Cleanup and PCB Exposure Guidance
Environmental Protection

EPA CFL ballastThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued new guidelines for proper handling of two common hazardous wastes: broken CFLs and PCB-containing lighting ballasts.

This article from Environmental Protection details the simplified CFL cleanup recommendations, and explains how to most efficiently retrofit PCB ballasts using upgrade programs and energy saving fixtures.

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EasyPak™ containers EasyPak™ prepaid containers make it simple to recycle fluorescent lamps and ballasts. Track and prove your recycling impact with online Recycling Reports and Certificates of Recycling. Click here to learn more.

New Corporate Recycling Whitepaper from Air Cycle

whitepaper screenshotUniversal waste (UW) recycling is a critical but challenging green practice for large organizations.

A new whitepaper from Air Cycle reviews the challenges of UW recycling and explains how a corporate recycling program can solve them while creating additional benefits, like green marketing opportunities and reduced liability for improper disposal.

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Getting the Facts on Universal Waste
Air Cycle Corporation

Universal waste recyclingIf your facility uses fluorescent lamps, lead acid batteries or mercury-containing electronics, there is a good chance that the disposal of these materials is regulated under universal waste rules.

This factsheet from Air Cycle provides an introduction to universal waste rules, the specific wastes they regulate, and what they mean for your facility.

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