Air Cycle E-Newsletter

Air Cycle February 2008 E-Newsletter

Air Cycle has been hard at work developing new tools and products to better serve customer needs. Please take a moment to visit the new Air Cycle website. Continuing our efforts to better communicate new products, services, industry news, and regulatory updates, Air Cycle provides the following e-newsletter:

Innovative Lamp Recycling Website Released!

Find out what truly sets Air Cycle apart from the rest. Some of the upgraded features include:

Video PlayerReporting: track the recycling progress at your facility using automatically generated graphs.

Regulations: user-friendly access to state-by-state recycling regulations.

Certificates of Recycling: download PDF recycling certificates 24/7.

EasyPak Store: order pre-paid EasyPak recycling containers for smaller facilities.

Videos: new flash recycling video explains the full recycling process.

Program Comparison: quickly determine which solution works best with your facility.

Site Search: quickly find the information you need, when you need it.

Live Chat: need a quick answer to a question? Live chat makes life easy.

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EPA Settlement Sheds Light on Need to Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA LogoMost of us don't think twice about the fluorescent lights over our heads at work, but the issue of how the bulbs are thrown out and how they can be recycled took center stage in the recent resolution of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) complaint against the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Last year, EPA alleged that GSA violated federal hazardous waste rules at its building on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands by disposing of fluorescent light bulbs as regular garbage. While fluorescent bulbs may seem harmless, they contain mercury and can be harmful to people and the environment if improperly discarded.

“Fluorescent lights are super efficient -- up to 80% more than incandescent bulbs -- which is great for the environment, but they do have to be handled properly once they burn out,” said EPA Regional Administrator, Alan J. Steinberg. “Most people don’t realize that every time they toss a fluorescent bulb into the regular trash, they are releasing mercury into the environment. Though these bulbs only contain a very small amount of mercury, it can add up fast. That’s why I am so pleased that GSA has agreed to make sure that fluorescent bulbs from buildings that it owns and operates in the VI and throughout their Caribbean and Northeast region are recycled.”

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Updated EasyPak Website Online HomepageIn addition to overhauling the Air Cycle website, we took our time improving the EasyPak site as well. Take a moment and find out what's the latest and greatest in the lamp recycling industry.

With a host of new and improved features, ordering and tracking EasyPak containers online is now easier than ever. Create a new account today to unlease the power of a fully automated online recycling program.

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