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A Scientific Look at Fluorescent Lamps

How Stuff Works - Tom Harris

You see fluorescent lighting everywhere these days -- in offices, stores, warehouses, street corners... You'll even find fluorescent lamps in peoples' homes. But even though they're all around us, these devices are a total mystery to most people. Just what is going on inside those white tubes?

Fluorescent Lamps

The central element in a fluorescent lamp is a sealed glass tube. The tube contains a small bit of mercury and an inert gas, typically argon, kept under very low pressure. The tube also contains a phosphor powder, coated along the inside of the glass. The tube has two electrodes, one at each end, which are wired to an electrical circuit.

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Lighting Upgrades Aren't a Flip of the Switch

Building Operating Management - Lindsay Audin

Demand charges. Payback calculations. Audits. Lighting upgrades aren’t as simple as they may appear. Here are some tips for avoiding surprises

How will fluorescent lamps and PCB-laden ballasts be handled and dumped? Some contractors box spent bulbs and leave them in a client’s basement or hallways — or leave old magnetic ballasts inside upgraded fixtures. The result is continuation of a waste problem that could be dealt with when incremental cost could be minimized.

Specify how waste of all types, including fixture bodies, is to be handled as part of the job spec, and verify that those details are either appended to or included in the winning contractor’s agreement. Withhold a portion of payment until paperwork verifying how waste was handled is received.

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Facilities See Bottom-Line Benefits From Environmental Efforts, Reports EPA


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that 48 facilities have seen real benefits in their bottom line from going above and beyond environmental regulatory requirements. These organizations are continuing to go the extra mile by renewing their membership commitments through the EPA's National Environmental Performance Track program.

The renewing Performance Track facilities must continue to meet all environmental regulatory requirements even while committing to additional ones. The companies have pledged a wide range of environmental improvements.

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U.S. EPA Announces Green Building Design Challenge

Environmental News Network - West Coast Green

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with, the Building Materials Reuse Association, the American Institute of Architects and West Coast Green, announce the first Lifecycle Building Challenge, a national competition to develop green building strategies and designs that reduce waste and conserve resources by facilitating adaptation, disassembly and reuse. The goal of the challenge is to inspire the green building movement to look at buildings as future stocks of resources by developing innovative practices and products to maximize material recovery and reduce both environmental and economic costs.

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Lime Energy Completes Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit Project at McDonald Packaging

A comprehensive energy efficient lighting retrofit project by Lime Energy at a large packaging materials warehouse and office in Santa Ana (Orange County), California, resulted in a 24 percent reduction in power consumption.

The energy reduction calculation at McDonald Packaging, Inc. was based on the same three-month period (August through October) before and after the retrofit, according to Don Artaserse, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at McDonald Packaging.

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