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Air Cycle February 2006 E-Newsletter

Continuing our efforts to better communicate new products, services, industry news, and regulatory updates, Air Cycle provides the following E-Newsletter.

New EasyPak™ Thermostat Recycling Containers

Air Cycle now offers EasyPak™ recycling containers for thermostats, as well as lamps, ballasts, and batteries. EasyPak™ containers make it easy to recycle and comply with today’s changing regulations. One price includes everything you need, the container, shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees, and certificate of recycling.

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The Trammell-Crow Company Commits to Recycle Fluorescent Lamps

Trammell-Crow is the top owner of commercial office space in the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland metropolitan area, managing 270 properties and over 22 million square feet. Nationwide, Trammell-Crow manages nearly 400 million square feet. In the DC area alone, that means over 2 million lamps in use.

Trammell-Crow will be collecting all of its spent bulbs at these facilities through a contract with Air Cycle distributor Esquire Environmental Services, Inc., based in Fairfax. Trammell-Crow will use a combination of drum-top (lamp) crushers, "recycle-by-mail", and lamp pick-up.

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Mercury Spotlight

By Sam Roe - Chicago Tribune
Published February 3, 2006

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is calling on America's tuna industry to take steps to protect consumers from high mercury levels in some cans of tuna.

"The industry has to step up and restore confidence in their product," he said in an interview. "That means being honest with consumers about what is in the cans."

In a letter Thursday to leading tuna producers, Durbin questioned the industry's practice of using a high-mercury tuna species, yellowfin, to make millions of cans of light tuna, one of the nation's best-selling seafoods and a product the government has recommended as a low-mercury choice.

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Stringent Lamp Disposal Law in New York State

New York State Department of Ennvironmental Conservation

On July 12, 2005, the portion of Chapter 145, Laws of 2004, Mercury-Added Consumer Products Law, that addresses the disposal of mercury-containing lamps became effective in New York State. The new law primarily affects generators of low-mercury or "green end cap" lamps, since all other non-household entities were already subject to regulation for the proper management of hazardous waste lamps. Low-mercury or "green end cap" lamps that pass the TCLP, are not mercury free and must be recycled or managed by an authorized facility in accordance with the Mercury-Added Consumer Products Law, which became effective July 12, 2005.

Certain small businesses, with 100 or less employees, disposing of 15 or less non-hazardous waste lamps per month are exempt from the new requirements. All businesses and households are strongly encouraged to recycle their mercury-containing lamps.

Air Cycle is proud to help facilities in New York properly dispose of their lighting waste and look forward to assisting you with your recycling efforts. Air Cycle Corporation is a national provider of recycling services. We offer recycling services for lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics of all quantities.

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Ballast Bullets

Ballasts are not sexy. They are, however, crucial to the success of the luminaires and lighting systems that require them. We've written about ballasts in the past, but from the inquiries we get, it seems time to briefly revisit this topic.


Even though this is changing a bit with new multi-lamp, multi-volt ballasts, most ballasts can only run one (or two) lamp types and wattages, on one voltage. Installing the wrong lamp in a ballast can result in bad lighting, ruin lamps, ruin ballasts and may even be dangerous.

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