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Top Videos and Articles of 2009

2009 was a great year for Air Cycle. We launched a completely revamped website and newsletter (what you are reading now!), started a blog, announced the much-anticipated Mini CFL and Mini Battery EasyPak containers, and introduced the custom Corporate and Distributor Recycling Portals, just to name a few accomplishments...

As this year comes to an end we thought it would be fitting to run back through some of the Air Cycle highlights for 2009. Here are a few of the articles and videos that drew the most attention from our readers and customers:

Belleville General Hospital Puts the Bulb Eater to Work
Bulb Eater videoE-newsletter readers loved this look at how the Bulb Eater is helping Belleville General Hospital in Ontario save money, time, and storage space. This independently-produced feature has an interview with Belleville General facility manager Ken Paradise and shows the Bulb Eater in action at the hospital.
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Battery Recycling Mysteries Solved
batteriesEarth911 is a great resource for all things environmental, and we featured one of their articles on battery recycling in our April e-newsletter. This piece offers a look at popular types of batteries and discusses why they need to be recycled.

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New Bulb Eater Demo Video
demo videoWe released a new Bulb Eater video a few months ago and the response has been great! In addition to showing off how the Bulb Eater works, this video also provides a quick look at the benefits of using crushing lamps with the machine.
Watch the demo »

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