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Air Cycle December 2006 E-Newsletter

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EasyPak™ Adds New Jumbo Lamp Recycling Box and Electronics Recycling Container

New Products

This month Air Cycle Corporation® is introducing two new products in to the EasyPak™ family. In addition to the current 4 and 8-foot lamp recycling boxes, a much anticipated jumbo 4-foot box capable of holding 60 T12 straight fluorescent lamps and 126 T8 lamps is now available. EasyPak™ is also proud to introduce the electronics recycling container, a perfect option for any organization looking to responsibly dispose of old computers, monitors, telecom equipment and other electronics. The container can safely hold and ship up to 69 pounds of electronic waste.

The price of either product includes the container, return shipping, recycling and certificate. As always, both new products are available nationwide and can be purchased immediately when you visit

Lighting Upgrade Maximizes Energy Use

Today's Facility Manager - Anne Vazquez

Seeking out the best lighting options to serve the needs of one of its manufacturing buildings has resulted in lower energy costs for Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

A facility-wide relamping, coupled with occupancy sensors, has reduced energy consumption in one of Baxter Healthcare Corporation's manufacturing facilities. Larry Funke, director of energy engineering, describes the project and reviews the results so far.

What is your position? How many years have you been in the facility management profession?

I am the director of energy engineering for Baxter Healthcare Corporation. I have been in the facility management profession for 21 years.

Please give a brief description of the facility involved in this project.

Baxter's North Cove manufacturing facility is located just north of Marion, NC. At 1.4 million square feet and employing 2,200 employees, it is Baxter's largest manufacturing facility.

What economic benefits have you achieved as a result of this project?

At current electricity rates, we are saving $185,000 per year. This will obviously increase if electricity rates continue to rise.

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UN Warning on E-waste 'Mountain'

BBC World News

PC Pile

The UN weighs in on the rise of global e-waste and the negative effects it may have on the environment

Unep (the UN Environment Program) estimates that 50 million tons of waste from discarded electronic goods is generated annually. Improper disposal of e-waste can release hazardous chemicals and heavy metals into the environment. Mr. Steiner made his comments at the opening of a week-long conference in Nairobi which will review the Basel Convention, aimed at reducing the movement of all types of hazardous waste.

E-waste is thought to be the fastest growing part of municipal waste in the developed world. The decreasing cost of replacing computers, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets,and the speed with which technology goes out of date, mean there is more and more to be disposed of.

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Earn FREE Recycling Dollars For Referrals

Please forward this enewsletter to friends and colleagues that may have an interest in Air Cycle products and/or services. Have your friend mention your name and earn $200 in free recycling for every $1000 they spend. Larger credits may be negiotated for corporate wide contracts.

Mercury Spotlight

Mercury in Medical and Dental Products
National Resources Defense Council

Do children's vaccines contain mercury?

All of the routine childhood immunizations are currently available in formulations that do not contain mercury or that contain only trace amounts. In the past, many vaccines contained a preservative called thimerosal, which contains ethyl mercury. But in the late 1990's, NRDC and others successfully pressed for the removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines. The flu vaccine is the only routine childhood vaccine that still sometimes includes thimerosal. Parents can request the mercury-free version of this vaccine. Some of the combined diphtheria and tetanus vaccines may contain trace residues of thimerosal from the manufacturing process, but the amounts are extremely small.

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