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Air Cycle December 2005 E-Newsletter

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The "Premium" Bulb Eater™ system not only crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100% recyclable material, but also captures over 99.99% of the vapors released! The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon container, can hold up to 1350 4' fluorescent lamps.

EasyPak™ Recycling Program

If you have a need to dispose of spent lamps, batteries, and/or ballasts, the solution is the EasyPak™ Recycling Program. Small shipments are shipped through pre-paid FedEx Ground transportation services. The program is simple, requires little paperwork, and is a practical option for facilities nationwide.

After February 8th, 2006 all fluorescent lamps within the State of California must be recycled.

California EPA

All fluorescent lamps and tubes are considered hazardous waste in California when they are discarded because they contain mercury. (Title 22, division 4.5, chapter 11, section 66261.50) This includes:

  • Fluorescent lamps and tubes
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps

When mercury-containing lamps or tubes are placed in the trash and collected for disposal, the lamps or tubes are broken and mercury is released to the environment. Mercury vapors from broken lamps or tubes can be absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream. People who are particularly close to the breakage are especially at risk. Mercury from broken lamps and tubes can also be washed by rain water into waterways.

Air Cycle is proud to help facilities in California properly dispose of their lighting waste and look forward to assisting you with your recycling efforts. Air Cycle Corporation is a national provider of recycling services. We offer recycling services for lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics of all quantities.

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Nationwide Recycling Recycling Services Brochure

We understand that in many cases printed literature can be helpful in presenting our program to others. Air Cycle has created a new brochure that offers detailed information about Air Cycle's nationwide recycling services.

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Portland, Maine College of Art Fined for Violating Hazardous Waste Laws

EPA New England Press Release

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a $107,165 penalty against the Maine College of Art in Portland for violating numerous hazardous waste regulations that are part of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

According to a complaint and order filed today by EPA's New England office, Maine College of Art failed to properly determine if wastes were hazardous, thus putting the school's staff and students at risk.

In addition to variuos other violations, the college improperly stored and labeled fluorescent bulbs and computer monitors, EPA said.

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Efficient Lighting and Distributed Energy Technologies

Current lighting technologies are expected to benefit from incremental improvements over the next 20 years, and two areas of research (hybrid solar lighting and solid state lighting) should be able to deliver even greater savings, according to research from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

In its report, "Toward a Climate Friendly Built Environment," the Pew Center says advances in control technology such as neural networks and adaptive controls will be combined into robust building management systems.

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