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Improve LEED Scores and Building Efficiency

Maintaining Lighting Systems Require Proper Planning"If you don't measure it, you can't manage it." Facility and engineering managers face challenges that can be corrected just by understanding how their building is using energy. Measurement and verification (M&V), part of LEED v4, can be the perfect tool for you to maintain the long-term health and efficiency of your building.

Here to help with the operations and management of your building is  this FacilitiesNet Article, covering four key topics of how to best implement the measurement and Verification LEED credit, including real-life facility examples.

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Need to recycle lots of lamps? Try the Bulb Eater®!

Bulb Eater The Bulb Eater® is the most efficient way to recycle large quantities of fluorescent lamps, saving up to 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps and 80% in storage space versus intact lamps.

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"Love Air Cycle and my Bulb Eater®. Easiest, most economical way to recycle bulbs ever. We love it and recommend it to anyone who uses a lot of bulbs."

Melissa Sisk
Cocke County Board of Education
Newport, TN

"Excellent value for the money. The Bulb Eater® has immediately helped us reduce lamp storage and create a safer storage environment, while allowing us to add another item to our waste reduction efforts in the City of Auburn."

André Richardson
Environmental Services, Auburn, AL

Q.  Why should you recycle fluorescent lamps?

A.  Many states require lamp recycling and proper disposal by law. Packaging of the lamps coupled with the recycling of the lamps will greatly reduce the mercury dilemma and create a much safer environment.
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