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"Cash for Clunkers" Lighting Upgrade Program

lamps and dollars Though replacing an old fluorescent lighting system with more efficient bulbs can seem to be more trouble than it's worth, a little-known tax incentive can lessen the cost of a lamp upgrade, according to a recent article from

By qualifying for a Commercial Building Tax Deduction (CBTD), facility managers can receive a tax benefit worth up to $0.60/square foot toward a new or upgraded lighting system. Upgrading can also help facilities avoid fines by keeping the lighting system compliant with government regulations.

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beThe Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system from Air Cycle is an efficient way to package the spent bulbs produced during a lighting upgrade before they are recycled. Click here for a free case study on the cost-saving benefits of recycling lamps with the Bulb Eater.
Fluorescent Magnetic T12 Ballast: RIP
Lighting Controls Association

capitol buildingGovernment regulation of facility systems is becoming increasingly common as concerns grow about their environmental impact, and fluorescent lighting is no exception to this trend.

In July, federal standards went into effect that stringently limit the manufacture and sale of replacement ballasts for T12 fluorescent lamps, according to a recent white paper from Lighting Controls Association. Some exceptions for dimming ballasts and ballasts for outdoor and residential applications do apply.

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