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Mercury: A Light-Bulb Moment

cflFacility managers and business leaders everywhere are discovering the energy and financial savings that come from switching to fluorescent lamps. However, what many do not know is that these cost-effective "green" lamps contain mercury, a toxic compound that can leak into the environment if the lamps are disposed of improperly.

So what's the big deal about mercury? This question is often posed by those skeptical of the increasing number of claims made in favor of recycling fluorescent lamps, as well as other mercury-containing products such as ballasts, batteries, and certain electronic components. Everyone who utilizes products like these needs to understand the health and environmental hazards of mercury, as well the available solutions to solve the mercury dilemma.

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Air Cycle Usability Features: Live Chat

live chat Even the most web-savvy folks know that sometimes the best answer to a question can only come from a real, live person.

That is why offers live chats, a simple and yet powerful tool for anyone on the web to get answers to any question about all things Air Cycle. Whether you want product info, need help with your Bulb Eater™, or simply want to say hello, a live chat is a quick, easy, and low-pressure way for you to communicate with us. Accessible from any computer with an internet connection, live chats give visitors to another tool in getting their recycling needs met with quality solutions and great service.

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A Brighter Future: Proper Lighting Maintenance Can Help Save Energy and Money

replace cfl width=Facility managers (FMs) might not think that keeping light fixtures clean and changing lamps regularly could save energy, but there are facts that would surprise them. In a new building, proper maintenance can ensure that lighting and control systems meet the design intent on an ongoing basis. In an existing building, proper lighting and control system maintenance can increase average light levels, potentially increasing energy savings if an FM is planning a lighting upgrade. Good maintenance also ensures that after an FM finishes a lighting upgrade, the right lamps continue to be installed over time to preserve the design intent of the upgrade.

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