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Air Cycle August 2006 E-Newsletter

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A New Look at Lamp Disposal - Article

TED Magazine May 2006

Guidelines for the proper disposal of mercury-containing lamps are changing across the United States. For example, as of Feb. 8, the state of California does not allow the disposal of everyday materials - such as fluorescent lamps - in trash headed for landfills. As more is learned about the dangers of mercury contamination in the country's groundwater, rivers, streams, and air, regulators and enforcers all over the country are tightening controls on fluorescent lamp, battery, and electronic equipment disposal.

"We have definitely seen an increase in requests for service, and for information in general, about recycling spent fluorescent lamps," said Scott Beierwaltes, president of Air Cycle Corporation. "We believe the increase has been in response to the regulatory changes in California."

And the changes aren’t just happening in California, although the state is doing a better job than most of educating the public. "New York recently tightened its position on disposal of mercury-containing lamps and equipment," said Beierwaltes, "and Illinois is under scrutiny because the regulations there are tighter than in many other states."

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Corporate Partner Annouces Recycling Commitment

Transwestern Becomes First Property Management Firm to Partner With EPA in Resource Conservation Program

Transwestern Commercial Services was named an official partner in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program to conserve natural resources, in a ceremony held in Bethesda, Maryland.

Transwestern is the first property management company in Maryland to enroll in EPA’s voluntary National Partnership for Environmental Priorities program. The program challenges businesses and manufacturers to become more environmentally aware and to adopt a resource conservation ethic that results in less waste, more recycling, and more environmentally-sound products.

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Electronics Recycling Update

EPA Revises Standards for Recycling Cathode Ray Tubes

In an effort to increase the collection and recycling of cathode ray tubes (CRT), EPA announced on July 19 that it is simplifying the federal hazardous waste management requirements for CRTs and CRT glass destined for recycling.

Under these new regulations, used, unbroken CRTs are not regulated as hazardous waste unless they are stored for more than a year. EPA is setting simpler, more manageable standards for unbroken CRTs because the risk of lead releases from them is very low. Limited storage requirements apply only to CRT recyclers and collectors, officials said.

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EPA Targets HazMat Funding

Yale University faces a $30,000 fine for failing to meet financial assurance requirements of federal and state hazardous waste laws. A February complaint from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that Yale violated requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) by failing to submit updated financial information for 2003 and 2004.

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Low Cost Lighting for the Long Term - Article

Building Operating Management Magazine

When systems are being designed, facility executives should evaluate three factors that shape operating costs.

No one deliberately chooses a lamp or fixture that will cost more to operate than one that would do so equally well at a lower life-cycle cost. Yet many buildings have lighting systems that were selected without much regard to operating costs. Unless facility executives and system designers pay attention to factors that influence lighting operating costs, they may be strapping themselves with ongoing costs that could well have been avoided.

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Mercury Spotlight

U.S. Launches Landmark Industry Program To Recover Mercury

A landmark agreement was announced today that will greatly reduce a major source of mercury from the environment by creating a new, industry-funded, national program in the U.S. for recovering mercury switches from vehicles before they are dismantled and melted for recycling.

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