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Air Cycle April 2008 E-Newsletter

We hope you had a happy Earth Day! Continuing our efforts to better communicate new products, services, industry news, and regulatory updates, Air Cycle provides the following e-newsletter:

EPA Settlement with LIRR Sheds Light on Need for Proper Disposal of Fluorescent Bulbs

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Don't Trash Lamps(New York, N.Y.) Most Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuters don’t give the proper disposal or recycling of the fluorescent lights over their heads a second thought as they ride in and out of Manhattan. However, this issue is at the heart of the recent resolution of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) complaint against the LIRR, which the railroad settled by paying a financial penalty of $43,875.

EPA Discusses Disposal Options »

Air Cycle Introduces Dynamic Recycling Reports

Track annual recycling totals automatically with a registered account

Dynamic recycling reports represent the latest and greatest in lamp recycling technology. Reports capture annual recycling totals automatically for each facility in your portfolio. The data can be used for any number of management and green PR intiatives.

ReportsThis exclusive feature is free but only available to registered users on and Login or create a new account today to get started!

1-Minute Tutorial »

Energy Conservation with Cost Saving Ideas

Experts discuss how end users can be sustainable with modern lighting options

Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Sunny ForestAs the cleaning and maintenance department’s role continues to expand to “other” areas of the facility, an employee with a broad range of specialty skills is an ideal member of the department.

Today, according to recent CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management surveys, cleaning departments are commonly required to maintain a building’s lighting, recycling and landscaping as well as certain electrical, plumbing and glass duties.

Sustainable Lighting Tips »

Mercury Spill Control 101

Beads, vapor characteristics make step-wise cleanup vital

Environmental Protection

Since the early 1990s, U.S. environmental regulations have eliminated the development of mercury as a new product. Despite these changes targeting mercury use, alternatives have been slow to develop, and in cases such as precision measurement devices are not possible. As a result, mercury has been mined through reclamation and recycling processes.

Cleanup 101 »

Electronic Waste: Managing Hazardous Materials

Decision making starts with understanding regulations and applying a hierarchy for managing hazardous materials

Maintenance Solutions

As organizations continue their efforts to go green, the pressure is mounting for managers to help reduce waste streams and maximize reuse and recycling within facilities. One area in which managers can demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendlier facilities is in managing electronic waste.

E-waste Disposal Solutions »



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