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Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent Lamps & LEDs

Straight and U-bend fluorescent lamps, LED Lamps, and HIDs
Compact Fluorescent lamps

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

CFLs, HIDs, and circular lamps


Dry cell batteries including alkaline, nickel, cadmium, and others


TSCA exempt and non-PCB lamp ballasts


Miscellaneous computer and electronic equipment


Used aerosol cans
Zero waste

Zero Waste

Hard to recycle waste including PPE
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    Click on the waste type you need to recycle on the left hand side.

  • 2. Pick Container

    Mix and match ANY combination of 9 large or 18 small CustomPak containers to fit a standard pallet.

  • 3. Start Program

    Check out, select method of payment and shipping location. And that's it!

  • 4. Bulk Pickup

    Contact us to schedule a delivery to our recycling facility or for pickup pricing.

*All prices include the container and recycling. Call for bulk return transportation.

*Pallet and return shipping not included.

*Pallet Kits available.


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