Why Air Cycle?

  1. We are committed to educating our customers about environmental solutions.

    We are firm believers that the key to effective environmental programs is education. At Air Cycle, we work on a daily basis to accomplish three things:

    1. Build awareness as to how green programs can help protect the environment and benefit facilities, and what the consequences are for improperly disposing of waste from both an environmental and regulatory perspective.

    2. Provide quality services to enable efficient sustainability practices at facilities, and to properly recycle wastes.

    3. Provide reliable products that help make green programs and recycling as easy and cost-effective as possible.

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  2. An easy way to go green.

    “Every little bit counts.” From fluorescent lamp, battery, ballast, and electronic waste recycling, to environmental consulting, to food waste diversion, we offer products and services that help your facility make a positive green impact. And every green facility program is a big step towards a sustainable world.

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  3. Air Cycle helps customers stay compliant with federal and state regulations

    We are dedicated to helping our customers stay 100% compliant with federal and state regulations in their environmental programs. Air Cycle provides our customers with the regulatory information they need to properly implement their green programs and stay compliant with recycling laws.

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