Bulb Eater Services Program

Always thought a Bulb Eater® made sense for you but couldn't fit it into your company's budget?               Our new Bulb Eater® Services Program may be the perfect solution to improving your company's recycling program.

A Bulb Eater® is provided to you as part of our new recycling program!

Here's how it works:

Simply contact an Air Cycle recycling expert at (800) 909-9709 to evaluate your program needs, including the type and number of bulbs you expect to crush every year. We'll provide you with a monthly estimate for the costs associated with starting the Bulb Eater Services Program.  

Here's what the monthly fee includes:

  • Use of a Bulb Eater® 3
  • Preventative maintenance items to keep the Bulb Eater® running smoothly
  • Recycling and transportation charges
  • Replacement reycling containers

Everything is included in one monthly expense!

Plus, you will automatically be set up in our Total Program Management, that provdies you access to technical support through a dedicated 800-number, online reporting, and certificates of recycling. The Bulb Eater Services Program also provides access to a Recycling Specialist that will provide you with detailed Sustainability Reports on a Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual basis.



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