Air Cycle Hosts World Vision Caregiver Kit Event

ACC world relief team

As part of their 1% Pledge to give back to the community and to those in need, Air Cycle Corporation partnered with international relief organization World Vision to host a Caregiver Kit Event.  Employees from Air Cycle volunteered time filling kits with medical supplies and basic necessities to be distributed to volunteer caregivers that work among those suffering with AIDS amidst dire poverty.  The one hundred kits assembled by Air Cycle will go to underdeveloped parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia where quality medical care and sanitation is unavailable.  

Air Cycle is proud to be a part of an ongoing partnership with World Vision to tackle the root causes of poverty worldwide.  For more information on World Vision visit or check out their volunteer opportunities.  To read more about Air Cycle's work with different charities and non-profit organizations, please visit our 1% Pledge page.

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